The Plantten Corporation showcases the most innovative agricultural solutions and tech products to bridge the gap between the grower, data, data interpretation, and the science.

We are a holding company that owns and operates in the manufacturing of plant nutrition products, we consist of a high-end agricultural consulting firm, Ag software technology for data analytics and data management, and operate in CEA: Controlled Environment Agriculture.

"The future of Agriculture will not only be based on Regenerative Farming, CEA or Ag Tech. but in the management of Living Systems, Data Management, with the Interpretation of the Data that optimizes the decisions made based on Clean Data."

"Sustainable Ag is a broken system as anyone can sustain a system that is failing. The future is Profitable Ag."

— Devon Vorderburg, Chief Executive Officer

With an adaptive regenerative approach, Plantten Corporation is revolutionizing decision management for small, medium, and large farming operations with our data management tool. We are committed to assisting all of our clients to be more profitable and efficient.

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